France Elevateur has started the production of van mounted platforms by 1984 currently offering a wide range of machines, from 9 up to 17m working height, available for most of common van manufacturers. This large experience enables to offer the best compromises of the market: optimized overall dimensions, payload and features, responding to various applications: telecommunication, street lighting, electricity supply network, display, building cleaning … All of our models are EN 280 compliant, and also available in green versions: like hybrid or Full electric. MORE

Light truck

Our 3.5t GVW Chassis cabine aerial platforms do offer a great drivability and interesting cost efficiency thanks to the possibility to any driver to run it. The range is entirely available in articulated or telescopic motions, reaching up to 23m working height. Each of them is also available in ‘cost-effective’ (AB Services) or ‘high perf’ (France Elévateur) version, depending upon each purpose : rental companies, professional services suppliers on electricity networks, tree pruning professionals … Dedicated to urban operations, the hybrid version works on battery, allowing the thermic engine to stay off. MORE

Heavy Trucks

Dedicated to working height from 17 up to 35m, our heavy truck mounted platforms makes no compromise between stability and maximum outreach. They can be assembled on most of common mid and heavy truck manufacturers, offering the expected level of service and support. The entire range offers hundreds of options dedicated to safety, performance and ease of use, what any owner is expecting for such machine lasting more than 10 years. MORE

Spider platforms

Narrow passages, steep slope and difficult conditions have generated a new need, for which France Elévateur give a response: the track mounted spider platforms. Able to crawl inside narrow corridors 80cm wide, they offer working height between 13 and 23m. The other advantage is the narrow ‘chimney’ dimensions needed to elevate, due to stiff articulated – telescopic booms. They can also receive a lifting winch (250 kg max) transforming the platform into a crane. Once folded, they can simply be transported on a common 3.5t trailer. MORE

Special applications ? We have a bespoke product for you


The catenary, heart of railway, requires attention, care and constant adjustments to meet the desires performances of our clients. Whether it is for routine inspection, planned maintenance, swift repair work or even construction jobs, our range of railway units fits all purpose. From rail-road truck to platforms on rolling stock to the most versatile rail-road-self-propelled unit there is always a way to the catenary. Available for standard and wide track gage France Elevateur is delivering the ultimate access to catenary. MORE

Live line Working (LLW)

From medium voltage (between 20 kV and 63kV) up to very high voltage (between 400kV and 750kV) from truck mounted insulated boom to self-propelled unit to work in substation, France Elevateur’s range of insulated aerial work platform provides you with more safety with booms complying and exceeding IEC 1057 and approved for the 3 method of work for LLW: Hot Stick / Insulated gloves and bare hand including work under rain from 17 to 20 meters working height.

As a LLW specialist France Elevateur is also official distributor of POSI + a North American aerial platform manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the insulated boom complying and exceeding ANSI 92.2 norm with booms from 15 to 27 meters working height.

No matter which one you will choose, France Elevateur got your covered. MORE


Whether to dig holes, set up utility poles or lift material, our digger derricks from POSI + are the answer to your need and are available in a multitude of configurations with sheave height up to 17.2 meters. These units have a lot of muscle but also a brain to get the job done. MORE

Cable handlers

LineDriver Cable Handlers provide high payload capacity and powerful torque for fast and efficient overhead tensioning and underground applications, plus durability for extended lifecycle. These units are available on trailer or truck mounted. MORE